Our Duty, Mobile Beauty!

Proudly Serving Whatcom, Island, Skagit, and Snohomish Counties

Company History

     Nearly 20 years ago, husband and wife Albert and Rachelle Furney founded the mobile salon company Hair I GO – Hair Care Delivered. After spending many years in the home medical supplies delivery industry, Albert noticed a service that was drastically needed, yet was not being filled. This need in fact, was the need for in home beauty services to those that were still independently living on their own, yet were incapable of freely going out and about for everyday needs, due to a variety of reasons. After this realization, the idea of providing in-home beauty salon services was born and expanded to also include services to a variety of facilities as well as special events such as weddings, high school dances, photo shoots, and more . Rachelle, who was working as a Beautician at the time, decided to start her own business and attempt to meet this demanding and unmet need. Since the start of the business, Rachelle has been the lone beautician working under the Hair I Go name and providing her services . 

     In early 2012 Rachelle's son, Andrew, while in the middle of acquiring his business degree in Marketing and Finance at Washington State University, began the expansion and re-branding of the Hair I Go business. Hair I Go, then changed its name to our current title Brought To You Beauty to avoid confusion with other salons as we expand to new service areas.

     With a new name and a new team member with a fresh business approach, Brought To You Beauty has expanded its service area to include Whatcom, Island, Skagit, and Snohomish Counties. In addition to our current territories, we have goals to reach King and Pierce Counties in the near future. In addition to our expansion into new service areas, Brought To You Beauty is currently and continuously in the process of building a team of highly skilled and expertly trained staff in helping our company fill the need of this highly demanded service.