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Versatile Beautician Wanted

Job Description:

We are looking for a versatile beautician that truly enjoys providing a service that makes others feel great about themselves. As a company founded by a versatile beautician with years of experience in the industry, we understand how many salons make it very difficult for beauticians to make a living. At Brought To You Beauty, we believe in providing the service in a structure where everyone wins (the customer, the beautician, and the management).

Brought To You Beauty offers a full menu of hair salon and beauty services that we offer to our clients in a variety of different locations and facilities (where ever we are needed really). We combine first class service with ultimate convenience. While our locations vary across skagit, island, whatcom, and snohomish counties, our initial service office is located in south Mount Vernon. If you enjoy providing beauty services but wish you could find a job where sales quotas were non existent and someone handed you a full-time client list, then this is the job for you!
Duties and Responsibilities of Employee:

  • As Beautician, you are responsible for performing routine beauty/barber/beauty procedures for residents.

  • Fulfills daily schedule of jobs as laid out by Brought To You Beauty Management.

  • Assists with transporting residents to and from the beauty shop within a facility as needed.

  • Must be able to perform a variety of cosmetic/ hair salon tasks (hair-cutting/ hair-styling/  manicures/pedicures/perms/coloring/makeup/etc.).

  • Maintains and submits records of services provided, including charges incurred.

  • Making sure you arrive to job sites with sufficient beauty supplies.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

Graduate of an accredited School of Cosmetology/Barbering/Esthetician/Nail Technician
Current Cosmetology/Barbering/Esthetician/Nail Technician license. Or licensed by your start date.

Specific Requirements:

  • Must possess a reliable vehicle for use during work.

  • Proof of vehicle insurance upon hiring.

  • Must posses a good driving record.

  • Must have a smartphone you can use for work related tasks daily.

  • Must be able to work independently

  • Must possess excellent interpersonal, time management, and organizational skills

  • Must be able to manage multiple tasks at one time.

  • Must have patience, courtesy, a cheerful attitude and enthusiasm.

  • Must be willing to handle difficult residents, staff, and customers.

  • Must be self motivated.

Why Work for Brought To You Beauty?
At Brought To You Beauty we are unique in how we see the role as a beautician. We understand that as a beautician, you enjoy cutting hair, and providing a variety of other salon services that make people feel and look beautiful, not hounding every person that walks into the door or all of your friends to come get a service done from you. At Brought To You Beauty we don't require you to bring customers to our company or have annoying/unrealistic sales goals to meet before you can even begin to make commission. Our experienced sales team will get the clientele for you, that way all you have to do is show up and perform the services you enjoy, while providing our customers with a fun, energetic, and exciting service atmosphere!

Brought To You Beauty also provides a variety of benefits for working at the company. And by benefits we don't mean a long list of benefits we offer yet, are too expensive to afford anyway. Our benefits are just that, benefits and help you in your career directly:

  • Pay for your annual license renewal at expiration (every year you work with the company)

  • Pay for brand new equipment you would need to perform beauty services our company offers (yes EVERYTHING) Think of it as a little shopping spree!

  • Compensation per mile driven during the work day.

  • Hourly wage PLUS commission from the very beginning (no sales goals to meet before commissions are given)

  • Since we are a mobile salon company you get paid even when you drive between locations!

  • No annoying manager to micromanage your every move. At Brought To You Beauty, you are on your own, all you have to do is report to the main office at the start and end of each shift.

Career Advancement Opportunities
Since Brought To You Beauty is a growing company looking to expand our services to new regions of Pacific Northwest, we will soon be looking to hire regional managers who will be responsible for running and operating an entire Region. Since we provide such a unique and amazing service we always look to hire from within for advancement. Join our company now and be a part of something great!

We Look forward to hearing from you!

-Brought To You Beauty Staff